Fotografie: Eveline Renaud

Mary Go Wild

IT ALL STARTED WITH A BANG… Our very first book Mary Go Wild covers the history of 25 years of dance music in the Netherlands. An impressive reference book, this is a must-have for anyone who has ever nestled up to a speaker with their eyes shut. Music, books, art, nightlife

Zeedijk 44

MARY GO WILD, located at Zeedijk 44, is the new shop and meeting point for night crawlers – when they aren’t breaking a sweat on a dance floor at a festival or club that is. At MARY GO WILD, you will find amazing books and magazines, exclusive photography, clothing, limited editions and vinyl; products of nightlife and the lifestyle it belongs to. It’s where you can actually find an Amsterdam souvenir that you will not regret buying after coming home, and a lovely staff that’s dedicated to providing you with advice, tailored to your clubbing needs.

The Zeedijk played a pivotal part in Amsterdam’s clubbing history with its many record shops. Now that the Netherlands, and Amsterdam in particular, has become one of the most important places for house and techno, the shop will serve as the spot that ties it all together on historic grounds. And to make it even more special: a significant part of the items on offer is selfmade and only available at MARY GO WILD.