Fotografie: Eveline Renaud


After having worked as a stylist from a […]

Zeedijk 60

After having worked as a stylist from a young age, Bonne Reijn (Amsterdam, 1990) noticed something missing in the variety of clothing available to us. He felt compelled to create something that would be oblivious to any occasion, sex, age, or social expectation, something that would be a key piece in anyone’s life and wardrobe, suitable for informal and formal occasions, and with long lasting quality. In early 2014 Bonne designed a batch of black and white two-pieced suits, and labeled them “BONNE”. Brand and working relation PATTA enabled him to impart on a third party for production. Today these suits are for sale in red, blue, black and white. Sizes are made to fit all men and women, from XXS to XL.


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